Remember Remember 13th of November


Remember, remember,

As if they’d ever let us forget,

Remember the blood of innocents,

Remember how we’ve wept.

Remember these hard times,

Don’t let them go in vain

A united world faced them,

With a mask of united strength,

Troubled times don’t last,

But troubled futures

 Come from troubled pasts,

People who’ve hurt most

Are the ones who hurt worst

Time will heal,

But people feel,

The time has come for an appeal:

Find hope, find light,

It is time to end fights.

Let us learn to forgive,

To live and let live,

Not to kill and survive,

You will kill and you will maim,

But in the end what will you gain?

You are fighting the fights,

For men in high towers,

This war of power,

Not for an innocent, a bystander,

But for powerful dictators.

Eye for an eye,

 The whole world is dark.

Listen: Is that the sound of victory?

Does Recalling The Dead Help Us?

According to old Indian traditions, we follow the custom of offering food to our ancestors or Pitrs of upto past three generations during the period between September-October or the Pitr-Paksha. It is believed that when someone dies, their travel in the other realms is very slow: their one day approximating to a whole human year. This practice which includes offerings to the Pitrs is meant to provide for their journey towards a peaceful afterlife.

Whatever may be the spiritual significance of such a practice, it also helps the people on this side of the realm. Saying goodbye to a loved one is not easy, most certainly not when the death is unexpected or not of natural causes. Such incidents leave scars in our minds that are difficult to heal even over time. The Shraddhas of Pitrs is another way of coming to terms with the loss. In this way, we realise that our sorrows are not more important than our ancestors finding peace in any existence. It exposes us to various facets of life and death and how one follows the other, into a never-ending cycle. By crying over one life, we are ignoring the truth which is greater than us all, that of a unified existence, a preternatural being.

This note was meant to be personal, unique and a tribute, yet I realise that we all experience this in one form or another. We cry over various things that are not meant to be permanent. We celebrate the impermanent joys too, so that the concentrated energies of celebrations send a ripple around our existence. We are all infinitesimal, minute beings who are going to perish today or tomorrow. We have these few, countable days in which we fit an entire lifetime, experience a whole world. And yet, do we? Are we experiencing the whole world or just a part of it? Maybe we need to come back in some other form to really find out.

And then maybe someone will be offering us things to make it all better.

Are You High?!!

Dear youngsters who think they’re grown ups-
Why are you promising yourself the skies,
Why are you waiting until someone dies,
To realise that your hopes,
Of a world running on dope,
And alcohol and cigarettes,
Is nothing but an empty bet.
Do we have to experience the worst,
To realise that we have the best?
I know the craving and the ‘feels’
Of wanting the world at your feet
I’ve felt the urge to soar high
Surge upwards and touch the sky
But is it really worth the fall?
And feeling empty after it all?
I look inwards and I see,
I had it all in me,
The rush and joviality
Letting loose and feeling easy
With the wind in your hair
Feeling brave without a care
Letting go, and dance
Going deeper into trance
If you’d only once glanced,
It was all here within
Beyond anything you’ve seen.

Why The World Does Not Revolve Around You

The world does not revolve around you. You are not here to be a mere consumer of the grasslands and the Earth’s resources. You are neither a giraffe incapable eating anything but grass, nor a lion stuck in its carnivorous cycle. You are an intelligent, conscientious, thinking being, capable of thought and action. You can create and destroy, and unmindfully, usually do the latter.

You are here for a reason. You are here to contribute to a better world. This world was not created for your whims and your wants, it was created to your needs. You were given the power to kill animals, but not to fashion yourself clothes from leather. You were granted the abundance of mineral resources to use, not to abuse. You were born intelligent enough to plant trees, yet you are cutting them. The choice of cruelty lies in your hands when you choose the slaughter of animals over the availability of food-grains to eat. The creation of beautiful structures is your design, but you make it at the cost of destroying nature’s design, which is far more generous and majestic than anything human beings can create.

So look around today, is this the world you want to create? They say we were created in His image. Are you sure He is a selfish, greedy and self-serving God? Or is He an ever-grateful, abundant, forgiving and self-sacrificing being?

After all, this is your world and you are its mighty powerful beings. What kind of a world do you want to live in?

Why Do We Find It So Hard To Forgive Others?

Forgiveness is a virtue that few are blessed with, for most of us, however, it needs to be cultivated.  Forgiveness is just as important as any other quality like discipline. It helps us to mould and adjust ourselves to every situation in life, whether favourable or unfavourable.

While the fast-paced life we live today has made us undeniably practical, it has also imbibed in us the knee-jerk reaction to simply run away from situations or people that are not suitable to our needs. Perhaps this is a good solution in some situations, however, applying it everywhere will simply end up alienating you from the people you love.

Sometimes, we face circumstances where forgiveness doesn’t seem to be an option. We believe that to forgive a person, we must give them another chance that they may not deserve. However, forgiveness very rarely has anything to do with another person. It is your tolerance and your patience which makes YOU a bigger and better person. To forgive someone, you don’t change the person, you change yourself! You are doing yourself a favour by forgiving others! The Buddha has compared holding onto your anger to holding onto hot coals. The longer you take to let go of any repressed emotions, the longer you are going to suffer!

The laws of karma will take care of all that we have done and what others have done. It is not our job to judge other people upon their actions, but it is to live in harmony with other people, whether that includes going back to the same relation equation, or simply letting them out of your life. Perhaps they’ve taught you all that you needed to learn from their existence and now it is time to let them go.

Indeed, there is all the difference in the world between running away from something and letting it out of your life in peace with your approval.

Creating A Conscious Society

Why are we building protective shields around us?
Whom are we hiding ourselves from?
Are our egos so fickle that they’ll crumble
From the gust of an online comment
Or a personal conversation?
Why are human beings forgeting to talk?
Why are we losing the very gift unique to us?
Is it envy, is it lust?
Why do we read too much in a frown,
Or a glint in an eye?
Why do we judge too soon
And then ask why?
Why do we have such few friends,
Not the ones to send requests
But the ones to talk with at night
When there is no shoulder to cry
On and home is far away that time
Why do we have more contacts in our phones
And less spaces in our hearts
We have everything to share
But are scared to play the first part
We sympathise with every cause,
We sign every petition
But why can’t we get out of our houses
When our time is the only condition
That is needed to step up
And play our role
This world is a stage,
That’s what Shakespeare told
Can’t you see?
This world needs you
Let go of your insecurities!
You are a diamond, you’re a gem
You’re far too precious
To compare to them
You’ll win your wars
You’ll shed your tears
Because the good are
What the good do
So take this time
To wipe your eyes
Stand taller
With a smile
Lend your hand
And you will see
What you give
Is what you receive!

India has a New Brain-Drain: Cellphone Freaks and Brain-dead Geeks

The wedding hall is filled to an extreme with people bustling and jostling in their usually strange ways, the bride and the bridegroom standing on the stage taking pictures with what seems to be a million people that they might or might not know. There are an awful lot of aunties with painted faces and elderly grandmas around the stage who consider it their duty to bombard the newlyweds with advice faster than a waiter firing off a menu at a South Indian restaurant.

The hundreds of chairs placed before the stage, have hundreds of distracted occupants, facing all five directions (one kid sat on an upturned chair). What an acutely bored and idle observer might find in such a situation (as they often do) is that many people have their heads bowed where they sat. Oh no! They were not praying for the future life of the bride and the groom (as they often don’t do) but had their heads stuck in an electronic device called a mobile phone. One might confuse this device as the remote one uses at home to control the TV, except this device seemed to be controlling the human holding it. Indeed, most people looked increasingly stupider by holding it in front of their faces, their DERP face looking even DERPER.

The little humans, er, children, were running around making car noises, when, as a bid to keep them quiet their mothers handed them the mobile phone and so, just like their mothers, their brain cells also became dead. And sure enough, the BRAIN-DEAD zombies seemed to be recruiting.  Soon after the children, the teenagers also took out their brain-freezing devices and started taking ‘selfies’, which made me wonder about why they were so excited to see their own stupid faces on their own stupid devices. Now people who had barely talked with each started taking ‘selfies’, and I thought maybe the stupidness of one device was contagious as it was quickly spreading and bringing more people sticking their heads into it.

Everybody was either looking into, talking on or playing with their plastic/metal pieces. Those brave souls, who were courageous enough to start a live conversation with someone were quickly silenced, perhaps even judged as handicapped for not carrying a mobile phone with them.  Some were clustered in different corners of the hall, because they could obviously not survive without a few moments of their mobiles’ network range. The sad, depressed souls sat in the middle, mourning the death of their phones’ batteries which couldn’t last until the end of the wedding (probably shunned by the rest).

And thus the wedding was a success: photographed from every angle, smiles where required, songs from every phone imaginable, food that was consumed robotically and celebrations that were feigned. The wedding  was attended by a group of brain-dead zombies.